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Blackpool, Brighton, Poole, doesn´t matter where

Right now I really want to go to England, or to be precise to the English seaside. Blackpool, Brighton, Poole, doesn´t matter where, but it Needs to be at the coast.
I don´t know why.

I guess due to the lovely, warm weather we have down here in Bavaria, and the old songs I used to listen to back in England, which I am listening to right now. And I watched some British videos on YouTube. That´s probably why.

I really want to go to Brighton, because I have never been there. It is my favorite Britsh accent, I just love the way they talk and pronounce the words in Brighton. And the city looks really, really pretty.
A friend of mine was there and she loved it instantly. So I think I would love it as well. I mean I do already. It is like the same with Oxford. I love the city, even if I have not been there jet.

Or being in Blackpool right now, sitting on the pear, eating fish and chips with vinegar, enjoying the sun and a light breeze. Listening to the People around you, watching the seagulls in the blue sky. After finishing the fish and chips, I would go on some of the rights, maybe drinking a Cocktail and finishing the day with a small shopping stroll.

Or laying on the beach in Poole. Probably a bite could, but with the right Cloth would it be alright. I could visit my two former host families, go to my favorite coffee shop, and maybe check if the language school I went to still exist.

Yes, I really want to go to England. Right now.

Where would you like to go in this moment? Tell us down in the comments, maybe we get inspired about new destinations.

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