Finland Travel

Day 0

Wednesday 16th of August

9:03 above the coulds

Here I am, above the clouds on my way to Riga. At the airport everything went smoothly, my luggage wasn’t too heavy, my lepton didn’t need an extra check and I didn’t miss my flight, so I´m all good.
The goodbye was short and painless, like always. Just my grandma was a little sad that I was leaving. When we left, she said I should bring some dry fish on my way back 😀 I’ll do my best to remember that!
Now I am sitting here in the aircraft watching the cloud and thinking how surreal all this is. I still can’t believe that I am on my way to Finland. Somehow I realize that I am in a different country for a longer time after a few days at the destination.

up in the clouds


I am sitting on the steps in front of the cathedral of Helsinki and watch people walking by. Of course I had a problem coming here, because none of my journeys  went without incident. The ticketmashine at the airport wasn’t working or better said just one was working, the one where you just could pay  by card. I didn’t know if I had any money of my visa, a friendly guy paid my train ticket. Up next I had to figure out from which railway station my long distance train would depart. Again a friendly Finn helped me.
On the flight from Riga to Helsinki I sat next to an American who lived in St Petersburg, wanted to move to Moscow and was on its way to Barcelona to meet his sister, but his flight was cancelled due to fog above Amsterdam. He told me about the „fake life“ in Los Angeles about the beauty of St Petersburg and the rumours about Moscow. Don’t know if he told the truth thou but he was funny. So if your reading this it was nice talking to you 🙂
Oh a group of four German guys just passed by. Why do we Germans always have to be so loud? I don’t understand that. Dose anyone know?
Anyway, I am happy that a lot is written in Swedish quite often,  so I am not completely clueless.

The cathedrale of Helsinki


After a stroll along the harbour, where I run into a filming session of two guys, probably youtuber, and through the city. Now I am sitting in a small park, don’t know where though, but it is pretty here. I didn’t buy anything which was hard, because I saw a lot of cool shops with lovely clothes. I can’t buy new clothes on my first day in Finland, that would not end well. Probably with five bags plus hand luggage.

A seagull in Helsinki


Helsinki harbour





I am on the night train somewhere between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Finland seems to be flat and not as hilly as its neighbours Sweden and Norway. I am sharing the cabin with a Korean girl who travels on its own through Northern Europe for two weeks. It’s her second journey ever. I asked her why she chose Finland, Norway and co and she replied with the following. „In primary school my teacher asked us pupils which country we want to visit. The others said China, Germany, US and France. I said Finland. And when she asked me why I told her the reason. I wanted to see Santa Clause and that’s why I am on my way to Rovaniemi.“
I think that is really cute and so cool, that she let her dream come true after all this years. I want to see Santa in its natural environment as well. Maybe he wears orange in is free time and loves golf. Who knows?

My first impressions of Helsinki and the Finns:

– Helsinki looks very modern withe a mixture of some old buildings
– I like the city  and would like to discover it a little
– the Finns are very fashionable, very modern, very Skandinavia like
– they are helpful and it seems to be rea


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