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Day 6 – brighten up my prison cell

You already know that I currently live in a room that looks like a prison cell. Well, today I thought I had to change that. So I swung myself on my bicycle and cycled into town. First of all I bought a rucksack at H&M, because I realized that a normal bag doesn´t work that well on a bike. After I found a black, faux leather one I went on a bargain/sail hunt. And guess what, it was successful. I purchased three fairy lights, a plastic flower, two pictures, a cotton storage box and a sented coconut lime candle, which smells amazing! I feel like my room is full with pinacolada cocktails :D.

How my room looks like now

I moved my bed to the other side of the room too. The seal of my windows are not the best, type not existing, so the wind is howling through the frame. Outdoor feeling pure, if you love camping, this is the perfect room for you :D.

My new "bedside table"

I really like how it turned out, especially my „bedside table“. Now I just need something for the other wall next to the door, maybe some poloroid style postcards, or a big printed scarf. Maybe I find something in the recycling room later. We´ll see.




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