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Day 11 – orientation week

Sunday 27th of August

It feels like I have been here for at least a month, but the calendar says different. Every time I am surprised how long a short period of time can feel like, probably because our brain and senses have to come with all the new impressions.

Anyway, the first part of the orientation week is over. I am still impressed how much comfort the university, the teachers and the entire surrounding is giving me. I feel so secure. Everyone tells you that he/she will help you with any kind of problems. I hope there will be no trouble, but it is good and nice to know that there are a lot of people you can talk to.

I study at a very small campus in Germany so the campus here in Rovaniemi feels huge for me. It probably isn´t :D. But I am not used to something like this. Also the canteen and the food. In Pfarrkirchen we have two dishes max. to choose from. They cost between 3 and 4 euro not including salad, dessert, drinks or anything else. Here you can get a self compiled salad, bread, Drinks, a main dish and desert, maybe even a soup, for 2,40 euro. And on top dose the food tastes very good!


My lunch on FridayIt doesn´t matter who I talk to everyone is friendly and open, which creates a great Team Spirit. We are quite a lot exchange students, I would say around 80, including the one from the University of Lapland.

On Tuesday evening we went to a „grill and chill“ event at the Ounasvaara lookout, which was really fun. Camp fires, grilled sausages, marshmallows and good chats.

Chill and Grill event


Cosy camp fire

The next evening we had a welcoming Party at „Doris“ a nightclub in town. I didn´t have any expectations neither had Julia. I have to say its´s quite some time ago that I went to a night club. If I recall it right the Pub crawl in London was the last time I went out proper. Yes, I konw that´s sad, especially for a Student :D. But thus Party was so good. The DJ was amazing, the atmosphere was great and the drinks were kind of cheap and tasty. Befor we arrived at the club we said „Well, we take a look inside, maybe have a drink and go back home.“ Well be stayed until the Party ended. It was great, I really enjoyed that evening. I also met my new wingman, who will introduce me to some of his friends 😀

It was also really interesting to see how much alcohol our fellow students and tutors can bear with. Oh, I totally forgot, there was a flipping pool filled with plastic balls. (I don´t know the English word for it, maybe ballpool?!?) That was a lot of fun, even if the balls ended up being everywhere except in the pool.

However, it was a fun week and I am curious what the next week is bringing.


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    27. August 2017 at 20:30

    Glad to hear the adjustment is going so well! It’s always the best when people are kind and willing to support you and help in any way. Good luck! I’m sure it will be wonderful.

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