A Trip to Ranua Wildlife Park

For those who don´t know, I usually don´t visit zoo´s. When I was about 14 I watched a documentary that showed among other things, about who a baby gorilla got captured. That was the day I decided to never visit a zoo again. Yesterday I broke this promise to myself and took part in a school trip to the Ranua Zoo.

It was a hard decision to finally say „okay, I am joining.“ I told myself, they probably have huge cages, because it is called wildlife park really regret that I went. I don´t know what I thought, but I regret that I visited. The staff of the park probably does a great job, they repeated several times that some of the animals are orphans and got rescued and so on. But the first enclosure has een enough already.

It was the one of the beavers. Two of them were scratching the door of the enclosure. One of my classmates asked why they are doing it and our guide answered „Well, they want to get out.“ In that Moment I thought „What am I doing here!?!“

Beaver in Ranua Zoo

Most of the encosures were quite small, or not big enough in my point of view. I don´t know, I always compare the size of the enclosures with  the animals usually environment and how much hey run around. In that comparison the cages always seam to small. I just think that animal are not supposet to be in cages, so other individuals can take a look at them. I know it´s strange saying it and posting pictures of them at the same time, but I just want to get my thought out there.

Reindeer in Ranua Zoo

Reindeer in Ranua Zoo

You can see a lot of animals that call or called Finland their home. Some of the species you still can see in the nature, others are driven out by foreign species. Examples for animal you can see at Ranua Zoo are: Musk ox, Wolverines, different kinds of foxes and deers, Brown Bears and wolves.

Musk ox


Arctic Fox

Is it really necessary to have a moose in a small enclosure if you can see them from the car on your way trough Laplands nature?

Moose calf

Moose at Ranua Zoo

What really broke my heart at the end of our guided tour were the two polar bears between gray concrete walls. I know they grew up in captivity and don´t know a different life, but I am not sure if that makes it any better. And yes, I know polar bears are threatened with extinction, but does that give us the right to Keep them in an enclosur with painted mountains at the back? I think we should do everything to preserve their natural habitat, or if we have them in Zoos design their enclosur as Close to their habitat as possible…

Polar bear enclosure Ranua Zoo

Polar bear Sisu Ranuar Zoo

Plar Bears at Ranua Zoo

Everything that I wrote is my personal opinion. I don´t want to offend the Ranua Zoo or anyone else. If you like Zoos, feel free to visit the wildlife park, but if you feel like me about zoos/wildlife parks, I don´t recommend you visit it. You will regret it and feel sad afterwards.

But that excursion had one good Thing after all. Now I know that I really won´t visit a zoo ever again. I prefer to travel to the Country the animal are coming from the see them, and if that´s not possible, well then we are just not meant to see these species.

Snow oul

Otter at Ranua Zoo

Yeah… that was the trip to the Ranua Zoo. Afterwards we took a look at the husky farm next to it, which was quite small. They just had 16 huskies which are usually the amount of dogs you need to pull a sledge. My favorite Husky was brow and head two different colored eyes, but he or she was really shy and ended up hiding underneath its hut, while all the other dogs were jumping around full of excitement.




I would like to know what your opinion about wildlife parks and zoos. Do you feel like me, or do you appreciate them? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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    9. November 2017 at 8:07

    Very enjoyable photos. I have never visited Rania, although I live in Finland.

    Happy and safe travels.

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