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Trip to St. Petersburg Part 2

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful city I have been to, if not THE most beautiful one. Wherever you look you see the splendour, calourful facades, history, beautiful churches and amazing architecture.

Part 1 was about the“stopover“ in Helsinki, this Part will be about the first day in St. Petersburg.

Entering Russia wasn´t that easy or better said took quite a while. After a good night of sleep and hanging around the ferry lobby for one hour we were finally allowed to get off the boat. But for the first 1,5 hours in St. Petersburg I was waiting to get through the passport control. After that was done, we had to wait in the bus for the others who were still stuck at the control.

Princess Anastasia

By the way, I went to Russia with a Finnish tour operator called Timetravels. They offer trips to Arctic Europe and Russia. Especially for students These tours are great, because you get to know a lot of new People. The entire trip was planned and guided by them. Our guids were really informative, funny and just cool 🙂

The first proper thing we did was a short city tour by bus to get to know St. Petersburg a little and to take our first 100 pictures 😉 Our guide told us a lot about all the different buildings we passed by, the history of the city, good and/or reasonable restaurants, shops, clubs and bars.

St. Petersburg

State Hermitage

Saint Isaac´s Cathedral

We passed by the State Hermitage (blue building), the Saint Isaac´s Cathedral , an old looking pirate ship where you can dine and hit the gym afterward and a cute looking boathouse. The light, the clouds and everything was just perfect to take in my eyes beautiful photos. (I know self-praise is no recommendation)

St. Petersburg, Russia

Boathouse, St. Petersburg, Russia

At the Peter and Paul Fortress we had a longer stop. The fortress is build on a little island called rabbit island. It is the place where the city originated from. Nowadays the fortress accommodates museums and serves the city residents as a recreational area.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia

The city tour ended at our Hotel, which was lovely. It had amazing soft beds, an okay breakfast buffet and was located right next to Starbucks. In the evening we went on a river cruise where we were served a bottle of champage per two persons. The old facades looked magnificent with all the illumination. Unfortunately, I don´t have pictures of that, but I think you can imagin it. Afterwards we joined a Party at „Souls Kitchen“ a small, cozy bar that plays good music and serves good drinks.

St Petersburg            What to do in St. Petersburg

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