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Levi World Cup 2017

On Friday me and six other exchange students drove up to Levi to watch the slalom ski Worldcup, which was the best idea ever. Again, thank you for this great idea!

Levi is the biggest and most famous ski region of Finland and is located in Kittilä. This Weekend they were hosting the „Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup“, which is a Slalom World Cup, for those who have no idea of skiing what so ever, like me 😉

We stayed in a small cottage for six people, that had sauna, of course. On Friday evening we went into town to watch the allocation of the women´s numbers and to have a beer/cider. Due to the world Cup, some shops had discount promotion, so I happened to buy a woollen head.

The pub we ended up in was also very cool, even if I have no idea how to pronounce the name Hölmölä. It had a seating area that looked like a sauna, one with only bus seats, grass and sheep on the ceiling and some other stuff. The Price was alright as well, for Finnisch proportions 😉

Levi World Cup 2017

The next day was the first racing day. After cleaning the cottage and bündle everything in the car we took the shuttle bus to the course. To be honest, I have never been into winter sports, except for ice-hockey and curling. Watching ski sports always bores me, but if you see it live it is different, I know that now. The weather was perfect, sunshine and not too cold, the atmosphere was great and the music was on point.


Levi World Cup 2017

During the first round we stood next to the last part of the course, cheering for the German participants and taking a ton of pictures, of course. After all women flew down the hill, I think around 70, there was a 1.5 hour break. I had a really good pancake with cloudberry jam and a bite of the reindeer pizza, which was delicious as well. Children were able to try snowmobiling, shooting with bow and arrow, patting reindeers and huskies or practice throwing the lasso. Adults could do that as well, of course.

Reindeer in Levi

Huskies in Levi

The second part of the race we spend next to the finish line. Towards the end it got quite exiting. Normally an American called Mikaela Shiffrin used to win in Levi, but this time Petra Vlhova from Slovakia was 0.10 seconds faster.

Levi World Cup 2017

Wrikstroem, Levi World Cup 2017

Levi Wold Cup 2017

Unfortunately, we just stayed for the first racing day, because the others had to go to Stockholm. Anyway,  It was a great short-trip and I am more than happy that I can go back in less than two weeks 🙂

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