Trip to St. Petersburg Part 3


In Part 1 and Part 2 I told you about my journey to Russia and the first day in the beautiful city St. Petersburg. The third and last part will be about what I did during the remaining two days.


After having an okay breakfast and a nice conversation with an American music teacher I entered the bus to see my palace 😉

The palace which is named after Peter the Great of Russia´s second wife Catherine I originated 1717. It was the summer residence of the tsar’s family, half an hour south from St. Petersburg in Pushkin, which is also known as the “Village of the Tsars”.

The huge blue building is very impressive if you stand in front of it. Window next to window, column next to column. Golden ornamentation everywhere. A real princes’ palace. Also from the inside. White and gold in every single room. Because all rooms are behind each other you could se from one end of the palace to the other, if it wasn´t that enormously huge. Unfortunately, the rooms, or let me say ballrooms, are quite empty, except some porcelain. I prefer old places where all the furniture is still insight, so it feels like the owners have just left to have a quick walk. But it was impressive anyway. Our guide was really good, she talked about the history of the palace, the people who lived in it and their habits in a very interesting and entertaining way.


Catherin´s Palace, Pushkin

Cathrin´s Palace, South Side

Catherine Palace, St. Peteresburg

To be honest, I liked the garden, or park more than the inside of the palace. Lots of trees with colourful leaves, little ponds and it was not as crowded. We took a little walk, lots of pictures, like always, and just enjoyed our time until we had to drive back to St. Petersburg.

Catherine Palace


In the evening we had the chance to see the Ballet “Swan Lake” at the Hermitage. Which was … interesting, but not my cup of tea. I watched the musicians of the orchestra more than the dancers. I don´t know why I didn´t like it. I think there was just too much going on, the dancers were not synchronous, and I thought more about the ice-hockey game that was happening at the same time. But at least I know now, what ballet is like, and I don´t have to go again.

We ended the night with a limousine tour trough the city, accompanied by sparkling wine, loud music and a lot of fun.


For the last full day in St. Petersburg we did visit the Hermitage Museum, which is located in the winter palace and its border buildings. It is one of the worlds biggest and most famous art museums. In over 350 rooms visitors can examine paintings, sculptures, and all lot of other art work.

I really liked this museum. The rooms were so impressive, every single one looked different, had massive chandeliers, and the sealings were painted fantastically. It made me feel like a princess. I think we spend at least 3 hours inside, which was very interesting, but I was happy when I could leave again due to the number of people in every hallway and room.

Hermitage ballroom

Mosaic floor


On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at some sights and took a ton of pictures, like always. We went on to of the Saint Isaac´s cathedral, from where we had an amazing view over St. Petersburg. Some of the bulbous spires of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood were covered due to construction work. Still, it looked impressive.

I really enjoyed the trip to St. Petersburg. It was a lot of fun, I saw a lot of the city but not everything, which means I have to come back!

Saint Isaac´s Church, St. Petersburg

View over St. Petersburg

The Church od the Savior of Spilled Blood

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