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See you Lapland

The time has come to say goodbye Lapland, or as I prefer “see you”. I already know that I will come back one day, that´s for sure.  I am sitting on the bed on the train but still can´t believe that I am on my way to Sweden. One hour ago, I did sit at the Lappi Areena watching an intense ROKI game against Jokipojat and now I am here… I was standing at the railway station, crying, thinking about what would happen if I would not enter this train that will end the fantastic time I had in Rovaniemi. I don´t want to leave, it is way too soon… But every goodbye is hard…

Before I go on, I want to say thank you to all the amazing people I met and could share so many special moments with, which made my Lapland experience so much better. Without you guys, it would have been the same.

My semester abroad in Lapland at the Lapland University of Applied sciences was one of the best things I did in my life. I had the chance to do so many exciting things, go on amazing trips, meet new people from all over the world, watch ice-hockey almost every week, learn in a completely different way and environment as well as having fun and more than a great time! My suitcase is on its way and so am I. But I, and I think I can speak for almost all ERASMUS students, I don´t want to leave, or at least I want to return in the new year, instead of going back to Bavaria. The life here in Lapland is so much more vibrant and exciting, every day is a new adventure. And especially now at the end, we thought about so many more things we could do here in Rovaniemi.

My time in Lapland

There are so many things I will miss, even the annoying ones. Thinks like

  • Watching ice-hockey once or twice a week
  • Hanging out with my beloved kunts People
  • Enjoying the company of my awesome flatmate
  • Spending time with my Finnish friend Family
  • The beautiful sight on the way to university
  • The snow and the cold and cosy temperatures
  • The Lapish landscape
  • Grilling sausages at a campfire on Ounasvara
  • Drinking mustikka and salmiaki
  • The northern lights
  • Finnish food
  • Collecting patches
  • Strolling through the second-hand shop
  • Doing international get-togethers
  • Saying no to Czech magical water
  • Dancing to Finnish music
  • Saying Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh
  • The delicious food at the cafeteria
  • Drinking straight water
  • Going to university by bike
  • Ice-hockey (because I miss it already. I think I have to start watching NHL)

See you soon!

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