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2017 was an amazing year. I have met so many amazing people, from all over the world, established great friendships. I have done things I imagined I would never have the chance to do and that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have seen place I fell in love with, places that I want to go back to as soon as possible.

2018 has just started but it seems promising. I am sure great people, destinations and things are laying ahead for all of us. I thought I would share with you what my travel plans are for 2018. Where I want, plan and imagine my self to go.

You know “Don´t call it a dream, call it a plan!”

United Kingdom

I am determined to go back to the UK, even if its just for an extended weekend, but I need to breath British air again! Brighton is at the top of my list. I always wanted to go there. Somehow this city in the south of England, at the sea, has stolen my heart. It is the same feeling I had with Oxford. I have never been there, but I know I will love it!

Just thinking about fish and chips, a cosy pub with sea view, drinking a pint of cider while listening to my favourite British accent makes me all exited.

I would love to go back to the “Midlands” where I lived during my time as an Au Pair. To see all the places again where I spend and made good memories. Or walk through the streets of Oxford again or have an ice cream at the harbour of New Quay, or visit on of Scotland’s old castles.

I see, I have to spend another year over there 😊




Now that I live “so close” to the Italian border I have to visit the country and stop imagining how it would be. When I take the train, I can be in Rome, Florence or Venice within 7 or 8 hours. So why not taking the opportunity and spend a weekend in Milan or Rome, eat a really good Italian pizza and pasta, learn some Italian and feel the dolce vita?



The South

I don´t care if it is Spain, Portugal, Egypt or any other country in the South, but I need to feel the sun on my skin, the sand underneath my feet and the taste of summer on my tongue. As much as I love winter and enjoyed the huge amount of snow in Lapland, I am tired of this grey, foggy weather that doesn´t know if it should rain or not. Listen up South, I am on my way!




One of my biggest dreams is to see elephants in their natural habitat. To be able to do that, I ned to go to Africa. My summer semester is a practical semester which I am planning to spend in South Africa or Namibia. I want to do an internship at a loge or Tour Operator for four month and travel around the country afterwards. To achieve this, I have write a lot of applications and work hard but I am more than willing and happy to do that.

So if you know anyone in that area let me know, I appreciate every help I can get 😉



What are your plans for 2018? Where do you want to travel to this year?

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    2. Februar 2018 at 21:58

    Girl I live in the UK. You should come to Bath, it is so pretty! These sound like some good plans! xx

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