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We all like yourself some good quotes, especially if they inspire and motivated us to see the world. I did plan on cleaning out my travel quote folder on my phone and stumbled upon some of my all-time favourite quotes, as well as some new ones I find really inspiring. And I thought I would share them with you.

If you´d like let me know what your favourite travel quotes are in the comment section down below. I am curious what encourages you and your trips around the world.

Don´t call it a dream. Call it a plan.

This quote is not directly connected to travel, but it is my absolute favourite. You could say it’s my mantra. The theme song of my life. The motto of all I do.

I came across this quote when the idea of becoming an Au Pair hocked my mind four years ago. It helped me to overcome all obstacle and difficulties. It made me believe in myself, my goals, and what I want to achieve in life.

Now, with my plans of doing an internship in the south-west of Africa, it motivates me to keep on going. To show all the people who think these plans are silly, unrealistic or whatever, that I can do it. As long as I believe in it!


You never know until you go

You can stay home, thinking about how it would be to do that or to see that. You can watch other people having the time of their life. Listen to friends and family how it was. But “you never know until you go” yourself. You need to take the plunge and see, experience, feel and hear it for yourself. It may be amazing, it may be a total let-down.


We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong

A high pulse, adrenalin running through your veins, blood is hissing in your ears, or just a breath-taking view is the best medicine against feeling restless. We need to get out of our comfort zone to realise what we really want, what is waiting for us.

If I wouldn’t have gone to the United Kingdom to work as an Au Pair maybe I would have never discovered my passion for travel. If I wouldn´t have gone to study in Bavaria, I would have had the chance to spend an amazing semester in Finland. Life is not a picnic, but because of those moments you realise what you want and need as well as where you belong.


Some beautiful destinations can´t be discovered without getting lost

Most of the time getting lost or taking a detour guides you to the most beautiful places. It may be just a new way to work or school, or a different way walking with your dog or friend that leads you to a new favourite spot.

You should try when you visit a new city to just wander around, get pushed by the flow of the city and see where you end up. You maybe would never have found that particular place with a map.


Wherever you go becomes a part of you

This quote just made sense after I started travelling but is true. Every time you stay at a new destination for a longer time, fall in love with its landscape, people and food it´s like a piece of you stays there and gets replaced with a peace will with the feelings of that destination. It’s almost like a necklace that´s made out of transparent pieces who get exchanged with colourful ones during travelling.


We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone

Imagine we couldn´t take photos of your happiest moments. I mean we would have the picture in our mind but could not share it with others the way we do it nowadays. Not so many things make me as happy as I am after going through photos with friends and family and remember all the things we did together. I think I know what I do after I finish this post.


You don´t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination

And maybe a passport 😉


When something good happens, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens, travel to Forget. If nothing happens, travel to make something happen.

I personally think travelling is the best medicine for everything. And of cause the best thing to treat yourself. If you want to travel, want to see the world, just go. Just do it. Thousands of new and exciting adventures are waiting for you!


The world is a book and those who don´t travel read only the first page

I know this a mainstream quote, but I really like it. The world we live on is so big and has so many amazing things to offer. If someone doesn´t travel to a least one new destination, to get a different perspective about life and themselves, it´s quite sad. I mean they have their reasons, for sure, but I don´t understand them, I guess.


Travelers are dreamers whomake their desire for adventure a reality

This travel quote I just found today. It is similar to the first one which makes a good end of this post. We are dreamers, but we don´t just dream them, we work for them to come true.

Thank you for sticking with it until the end. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please let me know which quote you liked the best or which quote is your personal theme song.

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