Why we love to travel

The fact that you are reading this blog post probably means that you have a passion for travelling or are at least interested in visiting different countries and regions from time to time. But why do we enjoy travelling so much? What motivates us to enter a plane and fly half-across the world, or pack the car with some essentials and take off for a road trip?

Many people, famous or not, have said wise words why the human race feels restless occasionally and needs a change of scene. Recently I wrote a post about my favourite travel quotes, but I think nobody summarised it better than the person who said, “We don´t travel to escape life but for life not to escape us.” And I think that describes it pretty well.

I personally travel to get to know new people and their cultural background. How they live, what they do during a usual day. When I leaf the aeroplane and set foot on a new country it is like someone turns the contrast and colour intensity higher. Life suddenly appears louder, brighter, basically more intensive. I love that feeling. It makes me realise how many things and destinations are out there, that we miss out on. It reconnects me with life, my feelings and thoughts. I become more aware of what I am doing, why I am doing it as well as what standard of life I am fortunate to live. You realise what you love about home, about your family and your friends, what is a privilege to have, and what’s is absolutely gratuitous. I guess that’s what makes me want to travel the world and discover what’s out there waiting for us.

What about you? Why do you love to travel? What motivates you? Tell us in the comment section down below (don´t worry no one will see your email address). I think everyone who reads this is curious why others have the same passion as they have. Because of that, I asked some fellow bloggers why they love to travel, and they were kind enough to let me know what their inducement is. So, if you are interested in their blog and what they write about make sure to pay them a visit.

Lexie Day, Bristol

“I love travelling because it is an escape. You can leave your life behind for a little while and immerse yourself completely in a different culture. You almost become someone else whilst you are there, seeing everything around you through new eyes.”


Dawan, Switzerland

“I travel to escape my ordinary life at home. Not because I am unhappy at home but because I am even happier when I get to discover new places, taste authentic local food and experience other cultures. And I also love to travel because I feel so free while travelling! I feel so blessed and lucky that I can choose wherever in the world to go because I know that not everybody has that luxury”


Carla McCoy

„We love to travel because it brings our family closer together and gives us an opportunity to explore with all our senses. This is much different than just reading about a place in a book. It gives us the opportunity to escape the day to day craziness and truly focus on what is most important to us: family relationships while learning through life.“


Jaymi Torrez

„I love to travel with my kids, because it is a chance to expose them to new experiences, from seeing a new culture to learning plane etiquette. And let’s be honest- it’s a fun way to shake up my life as a Stay at Home Mom!“

Jessica Rodriguez

„Traveling with my husband and our son makes us so happy especially when we catch him staring out the window at new things and once we get to our destination it is a whole new world to him. The sparkle in his eyes is worth the travel. We do a lot of travel for fishing. Catch us on Crown Yourself Momma under Family!“


Michelle Hansen, Washington

“My husband and I love traveling together, with our two littles around the world because it is such a wonderful, eye opening experience to see how others live, what’s normal for other countries, and how it differs from back home, the different scenery and architecture are truly amazing to see. Traveling is such an enriching experience!”


Jayme, the world

„Travel is a necessity for us. When you travel you expose yourself to new opportunities, new experiences, and situations where you are put outside of your comfort zone – and you can’t truly grow if you only stay in your comfort zone. We travel to explore parts of this world we never knew existed. We travel to develop new skills within ourselves. We travel to meet those who long to share our stories that give us inspiration, education and motivation. We travel [with our dogs] to show our pups there is more to life than a 300 square foot yard with a fence. We travel to awaken our taste buds to nature’s life in the elaborately beautiful places she flourishes. We travel to inspire others to realize that life isn’t to be lived as a slave to society’s strict to-do list. We travel to use our senses to their greatest potential. We travel to remind ourselves that the sun will always glow on our skin and love will always be present within if we keep moving, learning, growing, and experiencing everything we can from now until the end. 💖“


Jolesia, England

„We love to travel as a family. Years ago we started living the frugal lifestyle and its fun to see how we can get to places around the world and also enjoy experiences for as little money as possible. There are so many tricks to getting cheap flights and getting cheap stays that most people don’t know about. We love the challenge that cheap travel brings.“


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