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A new Adventure

I am on my way to a new adventure. From mid August I will study for one Semester in Rovaniemi, which is a city in the North of Finland at the Arctic Circle. I am sooooooo excited to live for half a year up in the North.

One of my childhood dreams is coming true. I always wanted to live in Skandinavia and now I have the chance to do so. I can´t wait that the adventure starts. There are so many things I want to do. Drive on a reindeer- or a husky sled, visit Santa Claus who is living in Rovaniemi, and jump into ice cold water after having a go in the sauna. I want to see as many Northern Lights as possible, sleep in a glass-iglo, have a drink in a Hotel made out of ice, and watch some good finnish ice-hockey games. My plan is to travel as much as possible and to experience as much finish things as I possibly can.

What I experience, where I go, and who I am going to meet I will tell you here on my blog. So get excited and follow me around Finland.

See you soon.

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