Hello everyone 🙂

It seems like you want to know more about the author of this blog. Who is the girl from the lighthouse?

Let me tell you.

My name is  Katharina, I am a 22 years old student, who´s born in the very north of Germany. I am a professional dreamer, who kept her inner child alive and enjoys taking photos of everything and everyone but myself.

During my time as an Au Pair in the United Kingdom, I discovered my passion for visiting new places, getting to know new people with different cultural backgrounds and tasting what the kitchens of the world have to offer. Since then wanderlust has taken possession of me, which makes it hard to stay in Germany for a longer period of time.

When I go somewhere new I prefer to stay there for a little while and not just a couple of days (which isn´t always possible). I was lucky enough to do a semester abroad in Finnish Lapland. Those 4 months were an amazing experience that created heaps of good memories and friends.

My next dream that is about to come true is seeing elephants in their natural habitat. How, you might ask yourself. By doing an internship in South Afrika for five months.


My motto is „Don´t call it a dream. Call it a plan.“ If you want to know what dreams I have and how I turn them into reality feel free to subscribe to my blog, by entering your email in the sidebar on the righthand side. It is completely free.

I am happy to take you with me on the journey of my life, to inspire you and to show you what life has in stock for you.