Hello everyone, my name is Katharina, I am 22 and from the very north of Germany. Currently, I am living in Bavaria, where I study International Tourism Management. I love travelling as much as I love writing. So I thought why not combine these two passions and give others the chance to take part in my life, follow me around or just get inspired.


I lived in the United Kingdom for a year, where I worked as an Au Pair and started blogging. With my host Family I travelled a lot and couldn´t stop after coming back home. Due to my studies, I cannot travel as much as I would like, but I am confident that it will change over the next years. There are so many places out there I really want to see.

My next big “project” is a practical semester abroad in Africa. I am really looking forward to that and can´t wait to discover the beautiful nature of South Africa and Namibia.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and ideas on this blog. Have a great day and keep on travelling 🙂 😉