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Day 1 – bicycles, first grocery shopping and appartment tour

Thursday 17th of August

9:20 – welcome to prison

I didn´t sleep that well, as expected. There was a dog that didn´t stop barking in some of the cabins near. Really annoying, especially at two in the morning. The bed was quite comfortable. We arrived in Rovaniemi with 30 minutes delay. The sky was grey and it looked like it would start raining any minute.

Now I am sitting on the bed in my room which looks like a prison cell. At least this is how I imagine one to look like 😀 With some pictures, a rug and maybe some small dekocation it can look alright, lets wait and see. 🙂

My prison cell

My room for the next four months


17:59 a trip to town

I met some of my fellow students who are from Germany as well. We walked down into town to buy a bike for me and one other girl. The first second hand store had some bicycles, but most of them looked like they would fall apart after five minutes riding them. When I asked the cashier if I could try one she told me the men who are responsible for the bikes were not there, I should come back at four o´clock. Due to that the girls showed me another store where you could buy used bicycles. They looked all right but were more expensive. There was one bike I really liked. A pink one with basked, carrier and a suitable tread for winter. Unfortunately the owner said it was already sold.

At the end, I bought a blue bike with seven gears for 90 euros at the first store. They said I can easily sell it back for 45 to 50 euro when I finish the Semester. Lets hope they told the truth 🙂

After everyone had a bike we cycled to “Prisma” whith is a big supermarket and affordable for exchange students. On our way I was happy already that I bought a bicycle with seven working gears 😀 The saddle is not really comfy but it´s all right. At Prisma I bought some food and cutlery. Thank god I know some Swedish, otherwise I would have been helpless. I mean you can always ask other People for help but if you manage to do your first grocery shopping, without asking for help and without showing that you´re foreign, I think that´s quite good. Yes, my “Swedish skills” were a big help indeed, because Swedish is like a second native language in Finland. That means on the back of the products everything is written in Finnish and Swedish 😀

If you want to know what I did yesterdaywhy I am in Finnland, what´s on my bucket list, or what I my expectation are feel free to check out the other post as well.

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