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Day 2 – A hike to Ounasvaara

Today I did a hike with the Deggendorf girls to a lookout on a hill called Ounasvaara. The weather was perfect (20 degrees and no clouds) and I had a lot of energy due to my fantastic sleep last night. I expected it to be horrible. Squeaky bedstead, slim and flat mattress, everything was screaming “awful night”. But no, I was wrong. I slept like a baby.

Oh, and I had to eat my cereals with a fork this morning 😀


Anyway, back to the hike. It took us about half an hour to get to the hotel, which is on top of the hill. We did not plan to go to the hotel, but when we reached the top of the hill we were kind of lost. So we asked which way we had to go. The receptionist explained the way, gave us a map and indicated that the path would be quite stony.

She was right. It felt like we were walking on a mountain bike route. It probably was one 😀

Ounasaara Sport Park Map

The path to the view point

The lookout was easy to find, we just had to follow the blue sign with the little backpacker and the snowflake in frot of this face. Next to the observation Tower you can find a small fireplace and benches. I imagine it to be really nice, when you sit next to the fire, grilling some marshmallows and watching the northern light dancing through the night. Must be cosy.

We climbed up the steep wooden stairs and had a great view over the forest, the river and the skyline of Rovaniemi. On the ground in front of the lookout had someone layed a big heart with “Rovaniemi” standing above it.

All in all a really nice hike, I definitely want to repeat 🙂

The lookout of Ounasvaara


My flatmate and her boyfriend arrived about three hours ago, I helped them unpack the car and we ordered one big Pizza. It was advertised as “the giant”, but we didn´t estimate it would be THAT BIG ;D It was huge and heavy. I carried it back home, and to be honest, I felt a little silly. At least the other two were accompanying me, so nobody would think I would eat that monster on my own 😀

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  • Mysha Pavel
    August 21, 2017 at 12:12 am

    The forgot to buy the spoon thing reminded me of when I started my BA at Uni of Essex and had to buy literally everything for living there (since I’ve moved there from Romania).

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