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Day 5 – quick photo tour through Rovaniemi

Monday, 21st of August

The Mission of the day was ” a bike for Julia”. We got up extra early at half past eight to be at the second hand shop just before it opened. Well, turns out the other had the same idea and arrived ever earlyer than we did. About 10 People where Standing in front of the shop reserve themselves some bikes. But we, or better said Julia was lucky. She got one which works alright.

Everyone wants a bike from the second hand shop

On my way to the shop I took some photos of colourful corners of the town.

Angry Brirds activity pak

First of all Rovaniemi has the coolest playground I have ever seen. An angry bird Play and activity park. Who doesn´t want to be a child again when seeing this place? I will definitely have a go on the slide!

Frederick the reindeer

My good old friend Frederick is still waiting for Santas call. Since he was little he wants to work for him and meet his idol Rudolph.

Luke the polar bear

Just a few steps behind Frederick you cand find Luke, waiting for ice. I always thought polar bears could swim, but maybe he is still in the learning process. I like his swim shorts though!

amazing graffiti in Rovaniemi

I just lo lo love that graffiti. The first time I saw this I thought “Wow, that look amazing!” Don´t you agree?

second hand shop

A look inside the second hand shop. It´s not really tidy, but if you walk through watchful you might find some goodies. Adresse: Tuhattori, Harrikatu 2, Rovaniemi, Finland.

We drove to a charity shop as well where I found some lovely Slippers and a cosy jumper, which is menswear, but who cares :D.

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  • vegislife
    August 27, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    I love your colorful pics! Those slippers tho <3, I'd so buy them 🙂