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Ice-hockey and autumn colours

Everyone who know me for a longer time, knowa that I lo-lo-love Ice-hockey. It is my absolute favorite sport to watch! Last week and on Wednesday we were lucky to watch the local team for free. The first third was crap. The guest Team scored two Goals within the first five minutes. But from the second third on “Roki” was quite good. They won with 6:3. On Wednesday they won with 6:2. #goroki

Ice-hockey ROKI in Rovaniemi

ROKI ce-hockey Rovaniemi

Ice-hockey Rovaniemi ROKI

Crazy that is already October. Time is running so fast. October means autumn and autumn means lovely colored leaves, crispy air and cozy teatimes with amazing smelling candles. I am in an early, strange Christmas mood. Don´t know why. But I am really excited for Christmas this year. Maybe it is because I olive so close to Santa.

Anyway, it is autumn which is called Ruska in Finland and it is really beautiful. It went so quickly from green leaves, to yellow leaves to almost no leaves. And now winter is on its way.

It is weird Hearing people back home saying, “it´s so cold we just have 14 degrees.” We usually have 8 degrees and we consider that “warm”. 3 or 5 degrees is cold, especially when the wind is going. But everything above is absolutely fine. It will be funny when I come back home and we have -1 degrees. It will feel like summer 😀

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland

Roaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland

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