Places I want to go: Namibia and Botswana

Namibia is a country in southwest Africa, at the Atlantic coast. Botswana is its neighbour country and home of 130.000 elephants, which is the biggest elephant population world wide.

Elephants have always been one of my favorite animals. That´s the reason why I want to go to Africa. I want to see them in real life, to be more precise I want to see them. Yes, I have never seen elephants. Well, I have once, when I was around five, but I can´t really remember. The reason why I have not seen any, is the fact that I don´t visit zoos or circuses anymore. So the desire to see these huge, graceful animal is big.

An elephant in Namibia

The idea was “One day, I will travel to Africa.” but I never knew where precisely. About a month ago I watched The Grand Tour, which is a funny car Show of three British men “driving” through countries all over the world. There was this one Episode, where they drove through the desert Namib, along the coast. The nature was so magnificent, the orange sand, the blue sea, and such a beautiful starry sky, it was amazing! After I watched that episode, it was certain, that I would visit Namibia in the next years.

fancy a jeep trip through Namibia?

Some days later I saw a Magazin in our local shop, which was about these two countries. After I read it, I started googling how much the average price for a trip through Namibia and Botswana costs. Between 2000 and 3000 euro you have to pay, which is a lot of money. I am planning on doing an separate post about the different possibilities for a trip through Namibia. But for now I have to save money, what I do, every single week.

Namibaia and Botswana with its amazing wildlife

Have you been to Namibia and/or Botswana, or do you plan to go there? Maybe you know a good organization who plans trips, or some places which are worth a visit. Tell us in the comments down below.

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