Semla, ice fishing and snow

The ten days I was in Sweden were really great. It was so nice to have the children around again, to talk to my host mom and to enjoy the snow and the sun.

But my trip didn´t start that well. Unfortunately.
I missed my flight. A nightmare no one wants to experience.

I was there in time, but the woman at the check-in wrote the wrong gate on my ticket. I did not double check it with the information screens, so I was waiting at the wrong gate. And when I realized it, it was already too late.

Luckily I could buy a ticket for the same day. It was expensive, but okay.
On the flight to Riga, where I had a three hour stop, I was so angry about myself. The question, “Why haven´t you checked the screen!?” kept on spinning in my head. But when the swedish coast with all its smal islands appeared in the blue eastern sea, I couldn´t stop smiling.

The first five days the two smaller ones were there as well. Which was great. We have built a snowman, an igloo, we went ice fishing, skiing and made “semla”. It felt so good to have the children around, to play, cuddle and laugh with them.

An semla is a swedish pastry you eat befor the period of fasting starts. You cut off the top, make a medium hole which you fill with almond paste and lots of whipped cream and if you like some jam. It is really delicious, but you can´t eat more than one and a half ;D
After the two younger children flew back to England, the oldest and I went bowling, and had another go with ice fishing. Which was really hard due to the blunt ice drill and the thick ice. But I made it. We didn´t catch any fish, but it was fun anyway. When you have started drilling this hole, you don´t want to stop befor you made it through the ice.


We didn´t do anything else because the oldest and I got ill and had to stay on the Sofa for some days. Alfred was quite happy about that situation, because someone was around to cuddle him.

Because I did not feel that well, I had to cancel my Stockholm plans. But I will do a weekend trip in spring or summer, I promised that to myself!

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