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I am back in Germany for three weeks now and getting restless already. These three weeks back at the university and studying for my exams have more feel like three months if not even longer. I can´t stay concentrated for a long time no matter what I try. After 15 minutes my focus is wandering off. Pictures of beaches, mountains and airplanes pop up and let me think about where I want to go next. I feel this urgent need to grab my camera, my on-board suitcase and go somewhere nice to discover a new place. Having this feeling and not being able to travel is already bad, but even worth is when friends and family are telling you about their current or planed holidays, or send you pictures of themselves laying in the sun at a beach and the beautiful nature surrounding them. Everything inside of me screams “Catch the next flight to wherever, but just go!!”

If I could I would!

Right now…


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