Cities I want to visit: Stockholm

Places you need to see and things you need to do, if you only have one day to visit Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

I love Sweden from the bottom of my heart. It is a beautiful country, with huge forests, beautiful lakes, small cities with funny names and wonderful coast lines.
As beautiful as the country is, as good-looking are the inhabitants. Swedes are one of the most handsome people I have ever seen/met. Just Norwedians are even better looking.
It is by far my favorite country!

After spending every vacation in Sweden for 21 years, I never managed to visit Stockholm, which is a shame. So now I want to take the chance and spend the last day of my Sweden trip in Stockholm to discover the city a little.

I did some research and thought I would share it with you guys.

First of all I want to visit the Ice Bar. Everything is made out of ice ,chairs, tables, glasses, lights, simply everything. You can find this bar inside the Nordic Sea Hotel. The admission price includes gloves, a parker and a free drink. I can´t wait!

Another must see is the Gamla Stan, it means old city in swedish and is the oldest district of Stockholm and ” one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in the world”. The streets are filled with cafés and stores, full of arts and handicrafts. I have been to old parts of swedish cities like Götheborg or Eksjö. They always exude a cozy and welcoming feeling, that makes you want to stay longer.

To save some time get your lunch on the go at the herring wagon in Södermalm Square. It ha been an institution for 20 years. I love fish rolls, it will be perfect.

If I have enough time I want to visit the Abba Museum. I grew up listening to their songs. I like quite a few of them so it would be great to take a look around, and probably leaving with a tonne of earwigs.

Another recommended museum is the Vasa museum. First, I thought, “well it is a boat, I am not really interested in boats, I will skip this.” But then my mum told me that this particular boat sunk on its maiden voyage in the 1600. It is very well preserved, so I propbably take a look at it.

A good place to get an overview of the city is the tower of the city hall, which gives you a lovely view over the City. If you want to take a look at Stockholm from the water you can hop on one of the sightseeing boats.

I love books and I love libraries. That means I have to take a visit Stockholm’s city library. You can enter the library without being a member, so I will do that and take some pictures.

When it is time for ´fika´, which Swedes say for having coffee and cake, you should sit down in one of Stockolms lovely cafés. If you want to go to a chain Café ´Espresso House´ or ´Konserthuset´ are good places to go.

I would prefer a traditional café like the Vete-Katten, which you can find in Kungsgartan 55. Delicious cakes and pastries are for example Prinsesstårta (a cake with cream and jam, covered with green or pink marzipan), Kladdkaka (a chocolate cake with marshmallows inside), Kanelbullar (the best cinnamon buns in the world), Kokusbullar (shokolate balls with coconut and coffee), Blåbärkakor (bluberrycake) or Almondy (a diam chocolate cake with vaniklla cream).


I can´t wait to enter the airplane and take off for Sweden. Fortunately, it will happen already tomorrow. I try to visit as many places as possible, and I will take lots and lots of pictures.

Have you been to Stockholm? Maybe you can share your experiences with us in the coment section, or tell us other places we need to see, when we visit Stockholm.


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