Nyquest Camp Canada

You want to travel and earn money at the same time?
There are plenty of options for you, one of them is working in a sumer camp like “Camp Canada”

I am always on the “hunt” for jobs that are connected with travelling.
Travelling is expensive, so if you can combine travelling and earning money, that´s perfect.
Working abroad in a summer camp is a super Option.
You can find summer camps all over the world, if you speak English or the national language you´re just an application away from your next trip.

I really want to go to Canada. It has such a skandinavien touch to it, that I think I will fall in love with the country the moment I step out of the airplane.

Through a coincidence I found an organization that works together with Canadian summer camps, which is called NYQUEST Camp Canada.

The duration of the camps is between 8 to 10 weeks in the Canadian summer (June – August), but if you like you can extend working during spring and fall.
Which is also a great alternative if you don´t have time in the summer.

The pocket money you will receive is based on a 8 – 10 week contract. If you work longer that that you´ll receive more.

For example, as a camp counsellor you get $1,500 up to $1,600 CAD or more.
Or as a Support staff the pocket money amounts $1,900 – $2000 CAD.

Of course it is not for free. You have to pay a fee to the organization.
So as a counsellor the fee amounts $600 ($150 application fee + $500 program fee).
But I mean you get the money back somehow, due to the pocket money.

There are more than 50 camps NYQUEST is working with. Traditional camps, tripping camps, girl guide camps, religious camps, and physical disability camps.

That´s a lot to choose from. There is probably something for everyone who likes to be outside and working with children between 7 to 16.
It sounds like a great experience.
And I hope I can do that next year.


2 thoughts on “Nyquest Camp Canada

  1. Very good to know this. May be I have to leave my summer camp in Germany and spend my summer somewhere else with some nice children. Thank you for the information ❤


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