Top 7 Things to Do on Menorca

You are only on Menorca for a set amount of time, so you want to make sure you see and do the best things on the Island. I want to help you; here are my Top 8 Things to Do on Menorca.

Menorca is catalan and means “the smaller one”. It is the northernmost island of the spanish Balearen but not as knowen and not as popular as its bigger sister Mallorca or Ibiza.

That doesn´t mean that the island can´t compete with the others. Quite the contrary is the case, Menorca is a beautiful holiday destination and very Family friendly. Because it is not as popular as Mallorca, which means that it is not as crowded in the high season.

Here you can read about my favorite places on the 702 km² island, which I recommend to visit if you have the chance.

1. Maó

Maó is the capital of Menorca and is located on the eastern coast of the island.
The architecture of the city was influenced a lot by the English, like most of Menorca. I would say most of the tourists are British families.

If you walk from the Placa de Esplanada through the precinct you reach the fish- and vegetable market from where you have a wonderful view over the harbor of Maó.

The harbor is special because it is the biggest natural harbor of the Mediterranean sea and the second biggest of the world.

I suggest to buy a ticket for one of the ferries to take a tour through the harbor to get a great view from a different perspective and to see all the spanish mansions along the habour. Some ferries have a vitrous floors and make a stop just outside the harbor, so the passengers can take a look on all the different kinds of fish, which is also great for children.

I really enjoyed the boat trip. The weather was perfect and our guide who told us some Information about the different buildings we could see was quite funny.

2. Ciutadella

Ciutadella is a very beautiful city in the west of Menorca. Until the 18th century Ciutadella was the capital of the island, and is still called the second capital.

When you are in Cuitadella you need to take a walk through the city. With all its small stores it is perfect for shopping.

Down at the harbor are many small restaurants inside the old boat sheds and the surrounding wall, were you can eat menu del dia or a la cart.

I recommend to walk past all restaurants to check the menu and prices. We ended up in a very fancy looking Restaurant, which we thought would be super expensive but it was one of the cheapest and the one with the best menue del dia.

3. Far de Cavalleria

The way to this beautiful lighthouse is not so easy, but it is worth it. You can get there by car, or you park your car somewhere in the nature and hike all the way up. I saw many people doing this. I imagin it is not that exhausting because the path is not very steep.

When reach the lighthouse I recommend walking along the wall clockwise. You walk pass a cave entrance. I don´t know if one is allowed to enter it, you can try if you want.

The view is magnificent!
You stand right at the edge of the cliff and see the waves underneath you.
If you sand at the edge and look to the right, you can see a cliff that with a bit of imagination like a mans head.

Unfortunate the lighthouse itself is not open for public.

4. Cales Coves

The cliffs of the bay 10 km from Alaior are laced with caves. These caves are former grave caves from the bronze age, most of them are closed due to people who life inside, so they didn´t need to pay taxes. But if you are observant you can find one which is still open and take a look inside.

The beautiful bay is with its hidden rocks and platforms are perfect for sunbathing, watching sailing boats, and the turquoise water is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

When I was at the bay, nearly no one was there. It felt like I had the entire place to myself.

5.  Fornells

Fornells is a lovely fisherman village in the north of Menorca. It is perfect for a stroll through the small streets where you can buy local handicraft, or you sit down for a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants.

One of the restaurants is the favorite of the spanish king. So watch out, maybe you will meet him.

6. Binibèquer

This calm, white village in the southeast of the island is a popular vacation spot. You will not find big hotels, most of the accommodations are owned by locals from who, you can rent them. That keeps the charm of the village.

The first thought that came into my mind, when I saw the black and white houses with the small entrances ,was “oh how cute are those hobbit houses!”. Even if they don´t look like a hobbit house at all.

7. Cova d´en Xoroi

My absolute favorite place of  Menorca is this cave! I “entered” it and fell in love. The view, the smell of the sea, the drinks, the feeling… that is how paradise must feel like!

This cave in Cala´n Porter is a “must see”
It costs 8 euro to enter the cave/bar but you get a free drink for that. Sit down in one of the white chairs and enjoy the view.

At night the cave turnes into a disco. I have not experienced the Disco but I imagine it is amazing like during the day.

I definitely want to go there again!

There were my tips for Menorca. I small isaland that is worth a visit.
I hope you get some ideas/Inspiration for your next trip.
Maybe you know another fantastic place we need to visit, let us know in the comments down below.


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