Why I love Oxford

Oxford is a city in the county Oxfordshire in England, Great Britain. It is most famous for its old and famous universities, like Christ Church, Oxford Brookes University, or the Trinity College.

I watched so many movies that were shot in Oxford, that I fell in love with the city. It looked so old and classy, but in a very beautiful way.

When I “moved” to England, it was one of my priorities to go to Oxford. So the day my host dad asked me if I would like to follow with to Oxford, I was super happy.
That day was one of the best days of my entire stay in Great Britain.

It was sunny, a warm October day, just perfect.
The moment we arrived in Oxford I fell in love with it again.

The charm the city sprays is fantastic, the old buildings are beautiful, (especially when the sunlight hits the sand-colored stone in a certain angle) and the people have a wonderful accent and are good looking.

On top of that you feel like you have fallen into a Harry Potter book. Even if it hasn´t been a Harry Potter Piece of scenery, it feels like it has.

The day we were visiting Oxford, was a day may students moved in. You could see cardboard boxes, handcarts, smiling students and proud/sad parents everywhere.
It made my wish of studying there even bigger.
I envy everybody woh has the chance, the money and the numerus clausus to study there.

I remember we were sitting in a café, eating scones, drinking tea, and enjoying the sun, while a father told his son all the important things for his first year. Which pups and restaurants to visit, where to go to make new friends, which clubs are to recommend and shortcuts of his university and the city in general.

I have been to Oxford just that one time, but I bet that I wouldn´t change my mind about the Harry Potter city, even if it would have been a gray, rainy day.

If you have the chance, go and visit Oxford, you won´t regret it!


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