Travel (the world) as an Au Pair

Being an Au Pair may be not the first association that comes into your mind, but it works very well together. And here is why…

I worked or was an Au Pair for one year. And even if the last months of it were quite difficult due to the situation of my host family, I really enjoyed it. You get a second family, make new international friends and see the country you´re staying in or more.


What is an Au Pair?


An Au Pair is someone who takes care of a familie´s children, help with the household and some other things while the parents are at work. So you basically live with the family and take care of the children. You become some kind of a big sister who brings the kids to school or nursery school, help with them with their homework, go to birthdayparties with them and just be there for them. Some families want that their Au Pair helps cleaning the house, doing the washing and cooking. But that varies from family to family. Depending on the country or Region you get paid a certain amount of money. You get your salary weekly or monthly, and free board and lodging.

You can be an Au Pair for just some month, like a summer Au Pair, or for a year or longer.


Where can you find your host family?


There are many organizations out there who organize your stay, find the right family for you and are there for you if you have any Problems.  Examples are:


Active Abroad

International Au Pair Association

and many more.

But if you don´t want to pay an agency, you are on a Budget, or you want to chose your host family for yourself I really recommend Au Pair World( You create a Profile and start looking for a family, super easy and for free. I did find my host family on Au Pair Wolrd as well, and like I said my family was great. I didn´t pay anything to the Plattform or for the flight. And not just me, also some friends of mine used the same Plattform and were happy with it as well.


Travelling as an Au Pair


I did travel a lot with my host family. Of course that is different from Family to Family, but I was lucky. We travelled to Wales, Scottland, Sweden, Norway, France and around England. My family wanted to Show me many cities and places they like, so they took me there. I know that is not the case with every family, but you can ask them if it is possible to follow with when they go on vacation.

But even if your host family dosen´t travel a lot, you can do that on your own or with friends. I spend a lot of my salary on travelling. Me and my friends, we have visited plenty of places with heritage and also some cities. I spend a weekend in Aberystwyth a city at the western coast of Wales where we saw dolphins in their natural environment. Or a day in Cambridge, which was quite cold, but the city was full of students with their special graduation capes and good looking guys how asked us out on a boat trip, witch was really cool. I also spend a Long weekend in London with a friend where we did the typical things. So there are a lot of opportunities to travel as an au pair.

And if you want to see the world you just change your host family every two or three months. Some families pay the flight for their au pair, so look out for that.

If you have any questions about being or becoming an Au Pair or any other related Topics don´t hesitate to ask me, I am happy to help!




3 thoughts on “Travel (the world) as an Au Pair

  1. I agree completely! After college I spent time in France working as an au pair, it was a wonderful experience. I got to know Paris very well and traveled around with the family too!

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