Why I love Sweden

I wanted to write this post for quite a while now, but I never really found the right words. It is quite hard do explain your thoughts and feelings to someone if you are not really aware of how this feeling was created. It is just there. But I will try to put into words why I love Sweden so so much.

I know a lot of people who don´t like Sweden at all, or Skandinavia in general. They say it is too quite, there are too many forests, and the lifestyle is not fast enough. I mean I can understand them, a little, but these facts they don´t like I love.

For me, Sweden is my second home, and everyone how knows me can confirm that a piece of my heart is blue and yellow. Since I am born, I have spent almost every vacation in Småland, which is a district in the south east of Sweden. Every time I am up in the north, I wish I could live there forever, or at least for some years.


But why do I like Sweden so much?

Well, when you pass the border you automatically slow down. You can´t do anything against it. In Sweden the time ticks a little slower, it seems. The people are not as hectic as in Germany. They don´t hoot immediately if the traffic lights switches to green and you don´t start driving at once. You have more time to pack your groceries into your bags at the checkout desk, or they stop cutting their grass and have a chat with you, if you stop by at their fence. Things like that may seem unimportant or unnecessary, but for me it is part of the swedish lifestyle.

The swedish people are very kind. At first they are a little quiet and reserved but after a while they open their hearts and let you in. And when that happens, you have a friend for a lifetime. Sweds are friendly people, who love cutting their grass without a basket at the end of their lawnmowers, wich I never understood, because you always have grass under your feet and carry it inside the house, but they do it anyway. Not important, but not unpleasant either is the fact, or perception of mine, that the majority is really good looking.

Sweden inspires me, with all its forests, lakes and colorful villages. When I was a child, I always said “Sweden is on big forest, with some lakes and cities intersecting it.”


So to put it all together, here are thoughts that run through my mind when I think about what I love about my second home country:

I love all the forests with the lakes in between and the delicious berries you can find in the dense undergrowth. I love sitting in my folding chair, next to the speedway racetrack, eating my homemade sandwich and cheering with the crowd. I love cycling down to the lake and swim across a couple of times, and enjoying the sun aftewards. I love whatching the guys play ice-hockey and be amazed by how fast and nimble they are on the ice, or taking a walk through the village in winter and admire all the lights in the windows. I love kanelbulle and kladdkaka, or the swedish choice of sweets. I love going to the rocket shows before New Year´s Eve. I love Smögen, Göteborg, and so many other bigger and smaller villages. I loved Astrid Lindgrens world when I was a child and I bet I would enjoy it still.


Have you ever been to Sweden? What did or didn´t you like about the country up in the North? Tell us in the comments down below.


6 thoughts on “Why I love Sweden

  1. I can’t imagine why anyone would complain about too many forests lol 😂 Sounds amazing! I’m from Canada so I’m used to quiet areas with a lot nature. I really want to go to Sweden after reading this!!

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  2. Hello! I am actually from Sweden so for me this was very interesting to read, to get someone else’s perception of my home country. I live in Finland now, though, but what hit me the most is how you perceive Swedes as laid back and that you are able to go to the grocery store without feeling stressed at the check-out. This is certainly something I have never thought about. 🙂 And I definitely understand how you love our forests. Of course I may be a little biased, but they truly are magical to me. ❤ I wish you a lovely day.

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      1. I actually had to talk to my partner and ask him what he would say are must-see or must-do for those who visit Finland. In spite of having lived here on and off for about ten years I have seen so very little of this country. As he said, it depends on what interests you. But some of the things we came up with were Lappland (Lappi) up north, some places of historical value, like Suomenlinna (an island in Helsinki), or Turun Linna in Turku; then he suggested to go to an ice hockey game, which is a big part of Finnish culture. Sauna, of course. 😉 Grilling “makkara” (there is a huge selection of different sausages here), try “mämmi” (a quite odd-looking desert we eat around Easter). Personally I would recommend Merenkurkun archipelago, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage area outside Vaasa. There is also a museum in Vaasa (Ostrobothnian Museum) in which they have a permanent exhibition called Terranova, which tells about the post-glacial rebound and its effects on Merenkurkun archipelago. I can also recommend visiting https://thesnowmeltssomewhere.wordpress.com/. She has written a really good post on Helsinki, for example.

        I hope you have a really great time when you visit Finland. And a wonderful day to you, too! ❤

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