86 days left

In 86 days I will be on my way to Finland. Sitting in the airplane or at the airport, probably with three or more suitcases and a long to-do list. I spoke to other students who have been in Rovaniemi last year, and the things they told me make me even more exited.

Here are some examples:

Once they had – 41*C and two meters of snow, which is not that much for Finland, they said.

Every hall of residence has their own sauna, and even the university has one. Which is so so cool. I love goint in a sauna. I really want to jump into a frozen lake, after a long sauna go.

Sauna in Finland


Speaking of sauna, if I make it into the Finish-Friend program, which is a program of the university that offers you a „friendship“ with a Family or single Person from Rovaniemi, who will show you the finish culture and traditions. So if I get a „partner“ I should ask for the finnish sauna-sausage-shot. Maybe you know that particular shot, if so please tell me in the comment section down below. He said, you will grill a sausage on the hot coal of the sauna, hollow it out, and fill it with wodka, then drink it. Sounds pretty different, but I am exited to try one of these shots.

Witer in Finland

About the drinking, never accept a drinking competition with Finns, especially not in a sauna, he recommended to me.

But before I leave, I have to deal with some paperwork. I need to hand in my leaning agreements, do a language test for the EU, book a flight, and lots of other things. Studying abroad is connected with so much paperwork, it´s unbelievable, but it is worth it, I hope.

Anyway, I am really excited, and I can´t wait until my Semester abroad starts!


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