Fenweh, a feeling everyone of us know

Do you know this tingling feeling when you see an airplane crossing the ocean blue sky, or people with suitcases in their hand passing by. It starts in your stomach, a slight tingling, and spreads through your entire body, until it reaches your mind. You start thinking about all these places you want to go … and all the places you have been.

Being homesick for a place where you have never been

They say Fernweh means feeling homesick for places you have never been, but I think it also stands for places you have visited already. Places you may have been once in your life, places you have fallen in love with, places that satisfy your imagination.

I have this feeling for a while now, a couple of months actually. In a totally normal situation, like sitting in a lecture hall, listening to the professor and suddenly there are these pictures in your head.

Who we are

Me and my host family in our favorite pub at the canal, drinking cider and eating crisps. My aunt and uncle sitting at the edge of the pool, enjoying the sun, my host children on a boat in Norway, their fishing rod dangling in the dark water, which is way too cold for August, but I jump in anyway. Delicious food, sparkling drinks, nice weather, warm sand under your bare feet, giggles, water fights in the backyard with waterballoons and -guns, long walks, lazzy afernoons, the typical friday-night-party in the living room and loud musik. Days at the playground, evenings in a bar, watching the sun set while sipping a mojito, and a lot of amazing people.

All these fragments of memories form a big colorful picture, like  a puzzle. If I could I would jump right into it. Or drive to the airport and buy a ticket for the next airplane, that is ready to take off.



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