Why you should visit Blackpool

Blackpool is a Ccity on the west coast of England at the Irish sea, close to Liverpool in Lancashire.

Before my year in the United Kingdom I didn’t know Blackpool, never heard about it. Actually, I didn’t even know that a place like that exists in England, but luckily  it does. If someone has asked me “What is Blackpool like?” I always gave the same answer. “It is one big fun fair.”

That describes it pretty well. Well, it is not a 100% correct , because I have not seen the entire city, just the fun part along the coast.

I can’t even remember how often I have been in Blackpool. At least two times, but it could have been three or four times as well. And I enjoyed every single time.


When my host dad told me that we would visit Blackpool, I was like “okay, why not. Where is that city? ” His answer was something like “It is a great party place. A lot of bachelor parties are happening there.” Which is true, because every time I have been there I saw two or more.

What is Blackpool like?

The city has three piers with lots of fun rides and other fun things on top, an amusement park with sea view and lots of pubs, bars, restaurants and little shops along the promenade. Perfect for a weekend with your best friends. Especially at night, when the whole promenade is illuminated, it is just beautiful.

In Blackpool you inner princess can come forward, you can drive in a pink or White Cinderella carriage down the main road. Or if you are more of a slower kind of person, you can ride a donkey on the beach, or take the tram, one of the oldest worldwide.


But there is not just party. Oh no! You can find a culture in Blackpool as well. For example the Blackpool Tower. This 158 meter high Tower is the town´s Landmark, its appearance reminds of the Eifel Tower in Paris. The tower includes a very old circus and a ballroom. At a height of 116 meters is a viewing platform, parts of it have a glas floor called `Sky Walk`, from where you can see straight down. If the weather is good you have an amazing view over the city, the lake district, North Wales and even the Isle of Men.

The Blackpool Tower

The ballroom of the Blackpool Tower

Also included are an aquarium, a children´s adventure playground, a cinema and the tower dungeon, as well as two restaurants.

But there is more you can find or do in Blackpool. You can go shopping, visit the zoo,Sea World, Madame Tussauds, or the Art Gallery.

You see, there is a lot to do in Blackpool. My favorite thing to do is sitting at the beach, watching the seagulls, while eating some good fish and chips with vinegar!

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Have you ever been to Blackpool? What did you like the best? Tell us in the comment section down below.


9 thoughts on “Why you should visit Blackpool

  1. Ah this is amazing haha. I’m from Liverpool, now live in Cheshire, so not too far from Blackpool. My husband is from the Isle of Man.

    The whole country is pretty much in agreement that Blackpool is dreadful (I’m being polite there too). So it’s really nice to see someone enjoyed it and you’ve made it look so pretty in these photos! It’s such a deprived place, it would be good to see regeneration – it could be really good if it had a chance.

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  2. I have never heard of Blackpool until reading this post! Your photos of it are gorgeous! I haven’t spent much time in England outside of London but I would like to, so I’ll add this to my wishlist for future trips!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww, so glad to see Blackpool getting some love! I live fairly close to here in the UK and my father drives the trams up and down the sea front so I enjoy going there and taking a ride on all the old trams! Your pictures are beautiful and show the place off in its best light.

    Liked by 1 person

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