The dolphins from New Quay

A friend of mine and I did spend a weekend in Aberystwyth, which is a town in mid wales at the Cardigan Bay. We may would have never discovered the lovely village New Quay, if the weather wouldn´t have changed. Lucky us. We found a leaflet about dolphin watching in the foyer of the hotel we stayed at.

I remember thinking:” Dolphins? Here in Wales?”

Due to the change of weather, we had okayish weather, but the forecast for that day said rain, we decided to give it a try, jumped into the car and started driving.

The route to New Quay itself is worth going there. You drive through  green hills, flocks of sheep, small beautiful villages and always along the sea.



One village I can remember precisely. It had lots of colorful houses, lined up like pearls on a neckless. Most of them were plastered in pastel colors, some in really bride colors. I still regret not have taken a picture. I guess that´s one of these memories you have just in your head.

The weather forecast said it should rain the entire day all along the Welsh coast, so we didn´t have much hope. But the minute we drove around the last corner and New Quay appeard in the distance, the clouds started cracking up.


The first thing we did, was buying a ticket for the dolphin-watching-boat-trip. It was cheaper than expected and we had about an hour to discover the village until the next boat would start. Which we did. We had a delicious ice cream, a stroll through the few shops and still some time to take some seagull pictures.

The seagull I photographed was a real model! She, I assume it was a girl, walked up and down, stopped, moved her head slowly to the side. After I took the photo she started moving again, throwing a different pose at me. A real professional!



When it was time for our boat trip we went down to the pier and entered the boat. Your guide told us facts about the village, its history and the dolphins. After maybe ten minutes we saw tow dolphins. A mum with its baby. It was a magnificent moment. I had never seen dolphins befor, so that was a special moment for me.

The dolphins are living naturally in the bay, due to a fish factory that was based in New Quay. Since the factory is gone they eat the fish around them, which is quite a lot, because the fish are coming to the bay to spawn. The company what is organizing These boat trips are not feeding the dolphins, which was quite important to me.

We also saw some curious seals and a lot of birds. Some of them were looking like flying penguins, really cute.



flying penguins

I really enjoyed the trip to New Quay, and would recommend it to everyone who is in that area. The village is beautiful and you get the chance to see dolphins and flying penguins in their natural environment.

If you want to know more about the dolphin watching or New Quay in general feel to visit their homepage.

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