Traveling as an Au Pair


I have been an Au Pair for one year in the United Kingdom. With ups and downs, new friends, a heap of experience in almost all life situations, and a lot of traveling. I am really thankful that my host family took me with them on all their vacations during my stay, and showed me many beautiful places all over the United Kingdom. Not everyone has that opportunity, or is as lucky as I have been.

Here is a short list of the countries and cities I have visite while being an Au Pair.


The first trip I did with my host family was to Blackpool. I have written a separate post about that town at the cost of the Irish sea. It was an amazing day, even if it wasn´t that worm. We were enjoying oursevles at the beach, had a drink in one of the pubs, a ride on the ferries wheel, and spend some money in an amusement hall.



It was a sunny day when my host dad decided to Show me one of his favorite English cities. The home of the Beatles, Liverpool. I think that was the first time that I drove the British car for a longer time, and second day I drove it at all. Liverpool is lovely. Modern and old school at the same time. We visited the Cavern Club, where the Beatles used to perform, and some other sights of Liverpool.


The trip to Wales was my first “vacation” with my host family and also my first contact with Wales. We stayed in a small Cottage somewhere in around Aberystwyth. It was such a great trip, we did grill marshmallows over the fireplace inside as well as over the bonfire outside, we hiked up a hill, saw wild horses, lots of sheep, and spend one day at the beach.



That was a really big trip with a hell of a dive. It took us two and a half days until we arrived at our destination in mid Norway. My host dad had rented a small hut right next to a fjord with a magnificent view. During that week I caught my first propper fish. We got soaked on a boat, missed the killer whales, swum in ice cold water and spent every day outside.


After spending five days in Norway we continued our journey to Sweden, where we spent some time at friends and family of my host family, which was lovely as well. That summer, or the weeks we have spent in Skandinavia we were super lucky with the weather. In Sweden we went Swimming every other day, if I recall it right. And due to the fact that it was kräftskiva time (crayfish festivity time) we had a lovely crayfish dinner.

kräftskova in Sweden


Another beautiful old town wich a lot of charm. We did visit the biggest train museum in the world, had a promenade on the remains of the old town wall, a stroll through the historic city center, and of course we spend some time in a pub, like proper Brits do.

Historic city center of York


Some day in January my host dad decided that we would spend the weekend in Scotland, rented a cottage and we were basically on our way. Let me tell you, Scotland is so, so beautiful. I can imagine that it is even more beautiful in summer. We spend that weekend in Luss at the Loch Lomond, had some delicious food in a cozy restaurant, a dive around the lake, and we did visit a castle, where some movies, like “the Outlander” were shot.

Luss, Scland


The easter holidays we spend in France at the parents of my host dad. He showed me Straßburg and the area around it. We did a day trip along the wine road, as well as a spa day in Germany, just across the border. Half of the time we spend in France I was lying in bed with fever, so my memories of that trip are not just positive, but it was nice anyway.


Just before I left, we spend a weekend in Northumberland, with is in northern England at the border to Scotland, where we visited two castles. We had a broomstick lesson, met Harry Potter and Dumbledore, enjoyed ourselves at the beach and had a look into a dungeon.

Flying lessom in Northumberland


I have visited Birmingham, the second largest city of England, of course London, and Cambridge. I have fallen in love with Oxford, watched dolphins and flying penguins in New Quay,  spend a sunny day in Lichfield and had some awesome sushi in Manchester.



You can see, I was quite lucky and I really enjoyed every trip, no matter how small or big it was.

Have you been to one of these places? What have you seen during your time as an Au Pair? Tell us in the comment section down below.


14 thoughts on “Traveling as an Au Pair

  1. That’s incredible you’ve gotten to travel to so many destinations as an au pair. The Liverpool skyscape shot is gorgeous – and that broomstick picture is great! 😀

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  2. You are truly lucky indeed to have visited this places as an Au Pair 🙂 I love your photo of the broomstick! I just adore Harry Potter ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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