Intense Moments

„Live every day like it´s your last“ That quote always was a saying without meaning. Typically found on a tear-off calendar, a sentence I couldn´t retract.

That changed two years ago, when the departure to England came closer and closer. The last days before I left Germany I started to understand that quote. Moments, which you usually don´t realize hit me with its full intensity. Situations, that passed by without noticing and burned themselves into my memory.

Due to the fact that you know, this might be the last time I meet this person, talk to a friend, walk along that street, or breath in this particular smell, you take in everything much more intensive. You pay more atention to the life and the people around you. Life and its Sensation becomes more intense, it starts to pulsate, and shows you what you will miss. It seems like its telling you „See what I can offer you!”

And that felt dam good.

Go where you feel the most alive

Now two years later it is the same, but not as inense as the first time. You feel this „last time“ feeling, but you know it won´t be the last time. Life becomes more colorful, louder, more vibrant and it says like this in the country you travel to, at least for a while. Until you start settling down, until the new turns into daily routine.

I´ll try to keep that vibrat, colurful life alive as long as I can, because it´s just a fantastic feeling!


9 thoughts on “Intense Moments

  1. I completely know what you mean. I had that intense moment last year when I went to China. Now that I’m stuck here in the US waiting on my work visa to return to China, I am anticipating I’ll have that same intense feeling. I do agree it’s important to keep it alive!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Such wording! I love this, it’s exactly how I’m feeling now. We’re preparing to move from Louisiana to Boston, and I’m starting to become nervous and already homesick. I hope to embrace each day more, and create memories. But, at the same time, my heart feels so much more alive in Boston. Fantastic read!

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  3. It’s amazing how taking a journey and traveling can open up your eyes to such amazing experience. I’ve moved several times and know this feel so well. It’s almost bittersweet!

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  4. In our day to day lives, we take for granted all that we are familiar with, until the moment we make big life changes. We’ve moved from Los Angeles to Chicago to San Francisco and now back to Los Angeles. I would do it all again. Each city was a new opportunity to experience a new environment and make new friends. Enjoy England!

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