Arctic museum and beautiful nature

Saturday 27th of August

We went blueberry picking today. Compared to Sweden you can still fine a lot of blueberries. But watch out of mosquitos. They told us they are already dead, but some stubborn once are still craving for blood. I met three of them, two did bite me even through my jeans!

Ounasvaara lookout


A reindeer tree
We found a tree that has the outline of a reindeer. Can you see it?

Me having fun


tree trunks

Tuesday 29th of August

It´s the last day of the orientation week. After getting to know our MTI (Multidimensional Tourism Institute) building (I will write an extra post about the campus), some information about our courses and a fantastic salmon gratin for lunch we did head out to the Arcticum.

The Arcticum is a museum which hosts exhibitions about the arctic circle, its Environment, animals  and inhabitants. The Exhibition was really interesting, especially the one about the Sami, the natives of Lapland. Beside historical discoveries you could many stuffed animals.

Sami exhibition
Rovaniemi used to be a market place for the people living in Lapland


Wednesday 30th of August

The weather was lovely today, so we decided to cycle into town and check if we can find some cool things in the secondhand Shops. I still needed a belt, because I forgot mine at home, and a basket for my bicycle. I found both, plus a new looking winter coat for 35 euro. Perfect! After having lunch we cycled along the river, enjoying the sun and discovering new lovely places.

A partyboat on the kemioki




Later that day we went up to the Ounasvaara to see the northern lights. It was a great evening/night at the bonfire, with sausages, marshmallows good chats, but unfortunately no northern lights.

Bonfire at Ounasvaara

If you want to know what I did the other days, what my plans are or why I am in Finland, please feel free to read the other post or just take a look at the pictures 😉


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