A trip to Oulu

1st of September

The alarm clock went off at 5 am. Way too early, but what can you do when you Need to take an early bus. So one and half an hour later we were on the bus on our way to Oulu. The ride was normal, until the Point of time, when the driver tucks a turn left onto a dirt road, straight into the forest. First I thought “okay, that´s different now.” After a while I figured out that the bus was picking up school kids, who lived in the middle of nowhere. Midway to Oulu it started raining cats and dogs, and it didn´t stop for the rest of the day. So we spend most of the day in Oulus shopping center and in the rain searching for the apartmentkeybox and the apartment itself. Due to that we found a lovely café/restaurant called “Kakkukahvila Mira Poppins” where we had some amazing cakes and pastries.

Delicius pastries from Kakkkahvia Mira Poppins

After we managed to read google maps the right way, we finally found the locker for the key and the apartment itself. We were positively suprised by the look and size of the flat. I keep saying we without telling with whom it did the trip to Oulu. By we I mean my flatmate, a girl from Austria and myself.

The location of the apartment was close to the town center and the old part of the city. It has a bedroom with two beds, a folding sofa and an extra folding bed. The beds and the sofa were really comfortable, so we had a good night of sleep to start full of enery and motivated into the next day.

2nd of September

When we woke up we couldn´t see that much. The sun and everything else was hiding behind thick fog, that vanished after we dropped off our luggage in a locker at the local trainstaition.

The  reconnaissance could start.

First we went down to the old part of the city, which is beautiful, compared to the rest of the city. Most of the buildings are gray and not that pretty, but the closer you come to the waterfront the nicer looking the buildings become.





Down at the waterfront it looks like you have passed a magic portal that brought you straight to Sweden. In general dose Finland reminds me a lot of Sweden. Houses made out of wood, a lot of forests and lakes, fashionable people. But back to the old part of Oulu.

At the waterfront you can find the market hall, a fantastic teashop, some pubs and Restaurants, for example the pancake house, and a market, where you can buy more Food, souvenirs and some cloth. Another, or the most important Thing is the “Toripolliisi” sculpture. Oulus most famous landmark.


Bar at the waterfront in Oulu

The market hall

The most amazing thing is the pancake house for me! They have many different Variation of sweet and salty pancakes. We couldn´t decide which one to take so we took two each, a salty and a sweet one. And let me tell you, they were FANTASTIKC! They tasted like heaven. If you plan a trip to Oulu eat pancakes at the pancake house! You may not be able to move for half an hour after you´ve finished, but it is worth it!


The rest of the day we have spent at the beach, enjoying the sun and taking plenty of pictures, until we took the last bus back home to Rovaniemi.

Oulu beach



Oulu lighhouse

Thank you Girls for the great trip, I really enjoyed it! 🙂


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