Santa Claus, Arctic Circle and grilled Salmon

In case you didn´t know, Santa Clause lives in Rovaniemi at the arctic circle. He is basically my neighbour. I saw him in town at my first week here, but last week we cycled up the hill to meet him officially at his own park. Let me tell you, he is a busy man, and the Christmas season hasn´t even started yet.

Rovaniemi is just on the edge of the arctic circle, or like some People here used to say “Quite down south.” I wanted to go an see Santa in winter, when it´s as wintery and looks like a wonderland, but I got advised that it is clever to go now as well, to take some pictures without tons of tourists in the Background. So that´s what we did and here are some photos I want to share with you.

Arctic circle

Santa Claus Village

Santas post office is really cozy. If you want to send a post- or Christmas card with a special stamp and postmark, you can do so. They make sure your Christmas wishes will arrive right on time. So if you like you can send all your Christmas greetings in summer and don´t have to worry about it any longer :).


Santa Claus´s post office

Santa Claus´s post office

I loved reading the wish list on display, each one was absolutely cute. It is impressive how humble and magnanimous some children are!

Letter to Santa Claus

He even has his own salmon grilling hut. I mean yeah, if I would be Santa Claus I would have my own salmon place as well, it´s just too delicious! (But expensive as well. We paid 20 euro for one portion of salmon with potato salad and a bun.) I was extremely delicious, you could watch your fish grilling over the open fire and enjoying the cozy atmosphere around you. And at the and you can keep the wooden plate the meal is served on. But it´s still expensive.

Santas Salmon Place

Santas Salmon Place

Santas Salmon


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